Into the Fire

Glen was three years old and one day he was frightened out of his backyard by two Navy  jets making a final approach to NAS Alameda. He would not return to the backyard until three days later when his mother caught him drawing airplanes in the family Bible. He has been drawing airplanes ever since.


It’s been a long road from being an Army Captain,  Press Officer and Illustrator for the U.S. Army , to building models and creating Digital Art for software companies . Through the years, Glen Hart has had a variety of commissioned pieces and experiences in the arts and is currently living in  beautiful Santa Cruz, California, with his wife Judy and their two sons and  Portuguese Water Dogs Zelda and Jazz.


His work is part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida. He also has received numerous awards for his aviation  and fine arts paintings. His painting Caught in the Moment graced the cover of the Museum's yearly magazine Foundations.  Foundations is distributed to all U.S. Navy Ships and Units throughout the world. It is also distributed to Foreign Navies. 


His work has represented  projects for some of the largest corporations in the world.   With a lot  at stake these Corporations have trusted Glen's ability to take designs that have yet to be created and illustrate them as they would appear in real life service.  Brochures bearing his art work have appeared on the desks of many who make the final decisions on multi million dollar projects being proposed.  He is currently involved in promoting a new proposal for a patrol boat for the United States Border Patrol  and Homeland Security.  This proposal representing  Fincantieri Marine Group.


While at the Academy of Art San Francisco, Glen studied under Howard Brodie whose sketches from World War II are legendary in depicting the G.I. and the war. Howard was also the CBS News Sketch Artist, covering everything from the first open heart surgery to the great trials of the twentieth century. Glen has said of Howard Brodie, "He was a teacher and mentor. He knew that I was a  Veteran, ex G.I., and a fellow grunt. He took me under his wing and taught me how to make a combat illustration come alive and stay with the viewer and to give movement to a painting or drawing. He was one of the most kind and peaceful men that I have ever met."


Glen has worked on everything from commissioned aviation paintings, portraits, surrealistic landscape paintings, fantasy, sci-fi illustrations and digital art to building model aircraft and military vehicles for individuals and software companies.  Glen built the Panther Tank that was on the cover of the software game Panzer Commander and the F-117 on the cover of the software game USAF.


Glen's specialty is aviation art developed through his lifetime love of flight and airplanes. His painting Into the Fire won first place and received the Blue Ribbon for Acrylics and Oil at Art in the Redwoods, 2001. In 2003, he won first place again in Art in the Redwoods for his painting Storm Chronicles: The Sea Ranch.


Glen attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco and The University of San Francisco. He was also a Captain in the U.S. Army. He is a member of the following organizations:

• 1st Calvary Division Association

• American Society of Aviation Artists (2003 to present)


Artist at Comic-Con San Diego, 2014.


Commissions Welcomed